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Content First, Drives Faster Development Cycles

We get your content first and you get your website faster

After we get the go-ahead on a project, one of the first items on the agenda is to begin the process of gathering your content. But customers often don’t know where to start or what the content they need looks like.  We provide tools to help.

Customers pay for wasted time and lost opportunities when we have to wait for content.

In my experience developing websites, projects ofter stall waiting for content. When I’ve been contracted by agencies or marketing firms to create a website, they are often are in such a hurry to show the customer “something” fast, they have had me build pages with dummy text and placeholder images along with navigation menus with links going nowhere, because they have not collected any content yet.

This “feels” like the project is moving forward, but it really is like running on a treadmill… you’re running, but you’re not getting anywhere.

The thing is, content drives design and moves the project forward.

But, we get on the treadmill and set up pages with dummy content and when we get the real content, we usually have to tweak the page designs to fit the real content. And, we have to go back and link in the previously non-existent pages to the menus. In other words, we do the work twice, we blow budgets and miss deadlines. Not at WP WolfePress!

We have a Process

Right after you sign off on your sitemap (see a sample here),  we provide you with a guided, content-gathering process:

  • with clear content requests and instructions on what we need and in what format.
  • with visual examples of the content types required.
  • with clear timelines on when the content is due keeping the project on time and on budget.

If you don’t have the time or the staff to develop the content, we’ll help develop it for you. This decision will be made in the Discovery phase of our Development Process so we can hit the ground running and get your site built on time and on budget.


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