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On Being Remarkable

On Being Remarkable

What exactly do I mean by being Remarkable?

Remarkable is doing or being something that is worth remarking about.

I think I can illustrate this with an example from personal experience.

A few years ago, my wife and I were living with an aging HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) system. As each summer approached, we crossed our fingers and hoped it would last through the season. As time went by it was getting sketchier and sketchier. Each summer the air conditioning would run non-stop and just barely keep up, and on the hottest days, it just couldn’t do the job. We regularly had to place service calls to have the Freon recharged. But this was just a band-aid and delaying the inevitable.

We had one AC unit for a two-story house. So, in the summer, to get the upstairs cool, we would freeze downstairs.

The furnace didn’t fare much better. In the winter, to keep the downstairs warm we found ourselves turning the upstairs into an oven.

Finally, it was time to do something about it.

We asked a friend, who used to be in the HVAC service business, if he had any recommendations for what we should do or who we could call to get a new HVAC system. As it turned out he had recently had to replace his system and he “remarked” that he had a good experience with Knight Air Conditioning and Heating. So, I gave them a call.

One of the co-owners, Tim Loudermilk, came out to the house and took a look at what we had and the problems we were dealing with.

We were easy prey and he could have told us anything. The unit we had at the time was a two-ton unit, but it was old. He could have tried to sell us another two-ton AC unit, but he didn’t. He said AC units nowadays are much more efficient and a 1.5-ton unit would do just fine.

He also offered a solution to our problem of roasting upstairs in the winter and freezing downstairs in the summer too.

You see we only had one HVAC system and one thermostat upstairs. But we have a two-story house.

He could have easily told us we needed a unit for each floor. It would have made sense to us and meant a much bigger invoice for him. But he didn’t do that.

He offered a system that could provide us with a thermostat on each floor and still need only one unit. You see, they now can have wirelessly-controlled baffles installed in the ductwork to direct the hot or cold air as needed according to the thermostat settings.

And he offered the new system at a really fair price.

This is Remarkable

Our house is thirty years old, so when the guys came out to perform the installation, they ran into issues with fitting the new system into the tiny existing space the old unit occupied. They had to get creative and spent a half a day’s extra time figuring out a solution.

I asked the job Foreman how much the extra work was going to cost, and he said, “Nothing.” “When Tim quotes a price, that’s the price we do it for.” – Remarkable.

Since the job took a day longer than anticipated and we were heading into the 90-degree days of June, it looked like we were going to spend a sweltering day and night without air conditioning. Not so. The foreman sent for four portable AC units and had them placed throughout the house so we could stay cool until they finished the job the next day. –Remarkable.

When the job was finished, I expected to be handed a bill and have to write a check. I asked the Foreman for the bill and he said, “Oh no, the job is not finished until Tim comes out and checks everything out and makes sure the job was done right and signs off on it.” –Remarkable.

So, the next day, Tim personally came out and checked every aspect of the new system to make sure all was working as it should and explained how to operate our new system before we got a bill.

The very next week, the temperatures soared above 100 degrees and we were cool as cucumbers.

Our customer experience was “Remarkable.”

So once again, what does Remarkable mean? It means providing a customer experience that is worth remarking about.

We have since confidently recommended Knight Air Conditioning and Heating to several of our friends who, in turn, have had their own Remarkable customer experience.

Do you provide a customer experience worth remarking about?

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