Our Process


We’ll dig deep to help you define your WHY which in turn helps us, together with you, identify the goals and needs for your new website. We’ll map out where you are, where you want to be and how fast you want to get there. We’ll also work with you to identify who we’re building the site for, i.e. your Ideal Client. This will guide us in tailoring the content along with the look & feel of the site to appeal to your Ideal Client’s needs and sensibilities.

The Site Map

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll build a visual sitemap clearly indicating the structure and user flow of your new site. We’ll review it together and make any final adjustments before we write a single line of code.


Using the information gathered during Discovery and the structure visualized in the Sitemap, we’ll help you gather your content for your new site (text. photos, downloads, etc.) with our content gathering application. You may already have much of your content prepared or, need some help pulling it together. If you need help writing content, we can connect you with an experienced, professional copywriter. This is a critical phase as we cannot begin the Design and Development phases until the content is complete.


Now the fun begins and we get our creative juices flowing. We’ll design the 1st look for your new Homepage, tailoring it specifically to appeal to your Ideal Client and addressing up front, his/her needs and outlining your solutions to those needs. Once we are happy with the look-and-feel of the Homepage, we’ll build out the formats for the interior pages and posts staying consistent with the look-and-feel we designed for the Homepage.


With your sign off on the Homepage and interior page designs, it’s time to put our heads down now and start coding up your new site using the latest industry best practices to ensure secure and fast-loading pages. Depending on the complexity and functionality of your site, this can take from four to six weeks.

Testing and Launch

Here’s your chance to run your new site through its paces. We’ll ask you to click every button, check every link, do a final review of the content and generally make sure it delivers what we decided you needed back in the Delivery phase. Once you’re happy with your new site and are ready to pull the trigger, we’ll go through our point-by-point launch sequence and Bingo!, you have a shiny new website to share with the world. 

Going Forward

Once the project is complete, we will set you up with one of our Website Care plans.

We are very passionate about providing ongoing results and benefits to our customers – this is a key goal of our business and our Website Care plans are designed to do just that.

Each Website Care plan includes different options, so please refer to your plan details to know what is included.

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