ELLA-VATION Responsive Group

The Brief

ELLA-VATION is a full-service firm deeply experienced in delivering risk and safety project solutions from conception through start-up to build-out.

ELLA-VATION needed a website to further grow their business and raise their brand awareness. At the start of the project, all the customer had was a low resolution logo and and a handful of Word documents.

The Solution

Working for Project Client Clearbuilt Technologies, this from-the-ground-up build started with recreating their logo in vector format so we could have the flexibility to use the logo at any size required. The new mobile-friendly WordPress website took its color palette from the new logo. Heavy use of high-impact photos gives the website its visual appeal while supporting the underlying textual content. Customers are provided with an easy-to-use, mobile-responsive contact form to make inquiries about ELLA-VATION menu of services.

I continue to provide ongoing WordPress maintenance.


  • Responsive Design
  • SSL Secured


  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Maintenance

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