Orasi Software

Orasi Software

The Brief

Kennesaw, GA-based Orasi Software, ia a DevOps technology and consulting firm that ensures confident delivery of transformative applications that grow and simplify business.

From creating DevOps strategy to delivering complex pipeline solutions; tool integration to decision-critical analytics; continuous testing through application security – Orasi offers expert guidance, services and tools to accelerate delivery of quality, secure applications that drive business.

During the three years that transpired since the previous version of the Orasi website was launched, the company had diversified and, at the same time, had worked to develop a more clearly focused business model and suite of service offerings. Trying to introduce their new focus into the existing site was becoming time-consuming and costly.

Orasi wanted a new, more streamlined website that clearly told the story of their core offerings and what it meant for their clients.

The Solution

Working closely with the Michael Mackenzie Communications marketing team as the Web Developer on this Project, we focused on telling the story of how exactly Orasi’s services could greatly enhance their customer’s ability to accelerate the delivery of quality, secure applications to market.

Featured prominently in the Homepage banner is an interactive, animated graphic that illustrates the “DevOps Journey,” The graphic serves not only as a nice illustration but acts as a visual navigation tool. Each “node” in the graphic links to a section of the Homepage with an introduction to the service provided and a link to further explore the service area.
(See the animated clip below.)

Animated Navigation Menu

Wanting to be able to better manage leads for each of Orasi’s numerable services, we provided individual embedded SalesForce lead capture forms for (18) of their service areas. Now Orasi can get the right lead directed to the right person with the click of a “Submit” button.

The Client and Customers alike, have raved at the transformation of the website.

But we’re not done yet. This was just Phase One of big plans for the new Orasi website. New content and features are being added weekly, so keep an eye on Orasi. They setting the bar high!


  • Responsive Design
  • Animated Homepage Navigation
  • SSL-Secured


  • Website Redesign
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Maintenance

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